Why Cornerstone

Undivided Loyalty

In everything we do, Cornerstone is guided by a set of core principles. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in our client-first approach to business. Our obligation of undivided loyalty is born from these principles and makes us a true fiduciary.

We are a 100% employee-owned, experienced financial consulting firm that is dedicated to providing our clients unbiased financial consulting, as true fiduciaries do.

Alignment of Interests

Cornerstone is committed to aligning our interests with those whom we serve. Individuals, committees, consultants and other parties who serve as fiduciaries are required to properly manage conflicts of interest in order to protect their portfolios. When they fail to do so, it is a breach of fiduciary duty and they are held personally liable.

Cornerstone holds itself to the highest standard of legal and moral obligation to our clients.


Cornerstone operates with the utmost transparency, openness, and accountability. Greater transparency allows for better decision-making and helps us to understand the variables that impact asset performance. With greater transparency, we make more informed decisions, which is one of the key responsibilities of a fiduciary.

Cornerstone believes that this openness is a source of confidence that our clients rely on.

True Open Architecture

Cornerstone has a true open architecture business model. This allows us to work with almost any money manager, custodian, record keeper, product or service provider. No one firm is the best at everything. That's why we believe that having open architecture allows us to find world-class service providers that specialize in each part of a financial solution. It also means we can negotiate contracts, pricing and services independently at every level of the relationship.

Cornerstone is dedicated to increasing the accountability of all parties involved.

Innovative Technology

Cornerstone's technology is flexible, accurate and innovative. The technology we use to manage our business and support our clients is a combination of sophisticated modeling software, proprietary reporting capabilities and trusted data sources. These resources help us to respond to our clients' needs, monitor performance & risk, and identify trends. Technology is not a solution unto itself but combined with our experience in the capital markets, it enables us to guide our clients towards their goals.

Cornerstone understands the value technology has to offer—it helps us to immediately respond to our clients' needs.

Culture of Achievement

Cornerstone strives to create a culture of achievement. We foster a commitment to exceeding expectations. We define what success means with each of our clients and then strive to surpass those goals. In order to maintain this level of service, every investment professional within the firm has accredited designations in his or her field as well as yearly educational goals.

Cornerstone is proud of not only who we work for, but who we work with in our organization.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the ability to clearly understand our clients' needs and provide solutions. We have a diverse client base that provides insight into many industries and broadens our perspective. Working with many types of clients gives us feedback on best practices, trends, processes and product innovations. This enables us to make better decisions.

Cornerstone's  cumulative wisdom and experience inspire the innovative thinking that helps our clients.

Commitment to Client Service

Cornerstone makes a commitment to client service. We're accessible in person and on the phone, to answer your questions and fulfill your service needs. We're committed to providing outstanding, responsive customer service so we can address issues with an appropriate sense of urgency. 

Cornerstone believes that it is the personal relationships we have with our clients that make a difference.

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The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.

Warren G. Bennis