Who We've Helped

Who We’ve Helped

Our clients have one thing in common: they are fiduciaries or believe that a fiduciary process for managing the assets under their care is the only way to protect both their and their stakeholders’ interests. Put simply, our clients want a firm that is working solely in their best interests.

Cornerstone’s professional teams have worked with different types of clients, making our strength our cross-industry knowledge. Our comprehensive knowledge of different investment segments allows our clients to enjoy a deeper breadth of understanding into their situations and the world as a whole.

Cornerstone offers our clients undivided loyalty. Nothing less.

  • Foundations and Endowments
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Government Entities
  • Retirement Plans
  • Corporations
  • Unions
  • Wealthy & Entrepreneurial Families
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Insurance Companies

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Vince Lombardi
Football Coach