Retirement Plan Consulting

Retirement Plan Consulting

What value does your company place on time? It is the essence of human capital for many organizations, but do you have enough of it?

For many companies, an in-house department might not have the resources, time or expertise to dedicate to running your retirement plan. Cornerstone can help.

Working with Cornerstone allows you to more efficiently implement a sound process, manage  plan liability, reduce cost and provide a more meaningful overall benefit to all of your plan participants.

Retirement Plan Consulting Services:

  • Pricing and Contract Negotiations
  • Governance Implementation and Monitoring
  • Investment Search and Monitoring
  • Educational Meetings
  • Legal and Regulatory Support
  • Plan Customization

Contact us today for experienced retirement plan consulting.

There are an estimated five million people who have the legal responsibility for managing someone else’s money, yet there is a surprising lack of detailed information that defines the investment management process that they should follow.

Foundation for Fiduciary Studies