Planned Giving

Planned Giving

One of the greatest challenges for a not-for-profit institution is finding money to accomplish its mission. Historically, planned giving has been one of the most underutilized assets for these organizations even though two-thirds of endowment assets have their roots in planned gifts. Cornerstone helps our not-for-profit clients manage those assets and works to grow them effectively for both the donor and the organization.

Many institutions do not have the internal capabilities to provide proper or cost-effective planned giving administration. Cornerstone has developed an efficient, turnkey solution for these institutions that utilizes our open architecture investment platform with administration provided by PG Calc, a leader in the industry.

Our team has expertise in all aspects of planned giving, including payments, gift writing, audit support and administration. In addition to our traditional planned giving services, Cornerstone's knowledge of life insurance can also help our clients manage and attract new assets in the form of life insurance.

In a world of increasing competition among charities for gifts and scarcity of gifts themselves, Cornerstone works with organizations to design and implement creative solutions that serve both their donors and themselves.

Planned Giving Services:

  • Investment Management
  • Administration
  • Gift Design
  • Audit Support
  • Gift Payments

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I have somewhere met with the epitaph of a charitable man which has pleased me very much. I cannot recollect the words, but here is the sense of it: "What I spent I lost; what I possessed is left to others; what I gave away remains with me."

Joseph Addison
English Essayist